1: Tasty Green Bean Casserole. Deliciously creamy, with crispy onions!

2: Mouthwatering Mashed Potatoes. Smooth, buttery, and oh-so-comforting.

3: Savory Stuffing/Dressing. Traditional flavors, a must-have on your table.

4: Homestyle Cranberry Sauce. Sweet and tangy, a perfect companion.

5: Hearty Sweet Potato Casserole. Marshmallow-topped, a crowd-pleaser for sure.

6: Buttery Homemade Rolls. Soft, warm, and impossible to resist.

7: Creamy Corn Casserole. Golden goodness, a classic Southern dish.

8: Indulgent Pumpkin Pie. Velvety filling, a Thanksgiving essential.

9: Luscious Pecan Pie. Crunchy nuts in a sweet, flaky crust.