1: "Pilot Episode: Meet the charismatic Mike Ross, who impresses Harvey Specter with his brilliant legal mind."

2: "Season 1, Episode 5: Witness the intense clash between Harvey and Mike as they find themselves on opposite sides of a high-stakes case."

3: "Season 2, Episode 16: Experience the shocking twist when Mike's secret is threatened to be exposed."

4: "Season 4, Episode 16: Don't miss the emotional departure of one of the beloved characters."

5: "Season 5, Episode 10: Brace yourself for a thrilling merger that shakes up the whole firm."

6: "Season 6, Episode 14: Get ready for a courtroom battle that puts everyone's career on the line."

7: "Season 7, Episode 10: Enjoy a heartwarming flashback episode that explores the origin of Harvey and Donna's relationship."

8: "Season 8, Episode 10: Witness the power dynamics shift as new managing partner Samantha Wheeler joins the firm."

9: "Season 9, Episode 10: Say goodbye to Suits with a series finale that wraps up all loose ends in a satisfying way."