1: 1. Unexpected Alliances Form. 2. A Rival's Hidden Agenda Unveiled. 3. Secret Love Affair Discovered. 4. Betrayal Amongst Trusted Associates.

2: 5. Long-Lost Family Member Resurfaces. 6. Major Character's Shocking Death. 7. Main Character's Double Identity Revealed. 8. Unforgivable Acts from a Beloved Character.

3: 9. Hidden Connection to Original Suits Characters. 10. Epic Courtroom Showdown Shakes Foundations. 11. Final Twist: The Mastermind Behind It All. 12. Shocking Revelation Disrupts Firm's Dynamics.

4: 13. Life-Threatening Consequences of a High-Stakes Case. 14. Espionage Unveiled in Corporate World. 15. Secret Society Manipulates the Legal System. 16. Former Enemies Join Forces Against Common Threat.

5: 17. Deep-Rooted Corruption Exposed Within Firm. 18. Newcomer's Identity Poses Serious Threat. 19. Scandalous Relationship Resurfaces After Years. 20. Unknown Traitor Revealed in Spectacular Fashion.

6: 21. Deposition Turns Deadly. 22. Undercover Operation Leads to Tragic Outcome. 23. Loyal Friend Turns Adversary in Ultimate Betrayal. 24. Key Character's Phony Identity Exposed.

7: 25. Unexpected Twist: Case Takes International Turn. 26. Identity Theft Threatens Key Characters. 27. Unbelievable Professional Sacrifice Made. 28. Legal Loophole Changes Everything Unexpectedly.

8: 29. Legal Mastermind Manipulates the Entire System. 30. Unforeseen Time Jump in the Storyline. 31. Mystery Surrounding a Key Character's Disappearance. 32. Revenge from a Former Adversary Spins the Story.

9: 33. Unraveling of a Complex Conspiracy. 34. Dangerous Criminal Mastermind Emerges. 35. Unexpected Romance Blossoms in the Chaos. 36. Shocking Last-Minute Courtroom Revelation.