1: Meet the Suits Spinoff Villains Discover the notorious characters, we love to hate. Not on Netflix.

2: The Manipulative Mastermind Uncover the twisted genius, plotting against our heroes. Not on Netflix.

3: The Ruthless Enforcer Witness the feared enforcer, who stops at nothing. Not on Netflix.

4: The Cunning Con Artist Beware of the charismatic trickster, playing with lives. Not on Netflix.

5: The Power-Hungry Schemer Unveil the devious schemer, obsessed with control. Not on Netflix.

6: The Relentless Blackmailer Dive into the world of secrets, held by the relentless villain. Not on Netflix.

7: The Reckless Betrayer Discover the traitor, who tears alliances apart. Not on Netflix.

8: The Vengeful Seductress Get entangled with the seductive, yet dangerous antagonist. Not on Netflix.

9: The Haunting Nemesis Face the ultimate foe, leaving no room for mercy. Not on Netflix.