1: 1. Harvey Specter: The charismatic and brilliant lawyer who steals the show with his razor-sharp wit and impeccable style. A must-watch! 2. Mike Ross: The genius fraud turned lawyer, known for his photographic memory and determination. His journey is captivating.

2: 1. Louis Litt: Indulge in the rollercoaster of emotions with this complex yet lovable character. His loyalty and sharp mind are unforgettable. 2. Donna Paulsen: The witty and sassy assistant-turned-COO brings her own charm to the series. Her one-liners will leave you wanting more.

3: 1. Robert Zane: A powerful lawyer and father figure, Robert steals hearts with his intelligence and protective nature. Don't miss his guest appearances! 2. Rachel Zane: A strong and ambitious character who captures our hearts with her determination and passion for law.

4: 1. Jessica Pearson: The formidable managing partner who exudes confidence and authority. Her presence is magnetic. 2. Alex Williams: Witness the exceptional legal mind and sharp instincts of this loyal and trustworthy attorney.

5: 1. Samantha Wheeler: A bold and fearless lawyer, Samantha adds a new dynamic to the show. Her fierce determination is truly inspiring. 2. Katrina Bennett: Watch as Katrina transforms from a talented paralegal to a true legal powerhouse.

6: 1. Daniel Hardman: The cunning and manipulative former managing partner who always keeps you guessing. He is a captivating antagonist. 2. Sheila Sazs: Don't miss the intelligent and unconventional tax attorney who adds a touch of humor and uniqueness to the spinoff.

7: 1. Alex Williams: Witness the exceptional legal mind and sharp instincts of this loyal and trustworthy attorney. 2. Gretchen Bodinski: A wise and resourceful character, Gretchen brings her own brand of wisdom and humor to the series.

8: 1. Scottie Ross: An intriguing character who adds a touch of romance and complexity to the show. Watch how her story unfolds. 2. Benjamin: With his quirky and lovable personality, Benjamin brings lightheartedness and comedic relief to the series.

9: 1. Brian Altman: An intelligent and determined lawyer who proves his worth throughout the series. His growth is truly inspiring. 2. Stu Buzzini: Don't miss the eccentric yet endearing tech expert who adds a unique dynamic to the spinoff.