1: Meet the Stars Discover the captivating suit-clad characters who have stolen hearts and commanded attention.

2: Harvey Specter This quick-witted lawyer sets the stage with his charisma and unrivaled legal prowess.

3: Donna Paulsen An indispensable force behind the scenes, Donna's confidence and loyalty never go unnoticed.

4: Louis Litt Get ready for this eccentric litigator, whose quirks and ambitions make him hard to forget.

5: Jessica Pearson A powerhouse with impeccable style, Jessica effortlessly dominates the legal world.

6: Rachel Zane This determined paralegal proves intelligence and beauty are a winning combination.

7: Mike Ross Witness the rise of a genius fraudster, whose brilliance surprises even the toughest critics.

8: Robert Zane A fierce competitor and loving father, Robert's presence demands attention at every turn.

9: Samantha Wheeler Prepare to be enchanted by this bold and fearless force, never backing down from a challenge.