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2: "Guardians of the Galaxy propels Batista's success." As Drax, he wows with humor and intense action. Batista's charisma elevates this superhero blockbuster.

3: "007 adventure with Batista!" Witness his explosive presence in Spectre. As Hinx, he engages Bond in unforgettable combat.

4: "Blade Runner 2049 stuns with Batista." As Sapper Morton, his nuanced portrayal captivates. Embracing the future in this sci-fi masterpiece.

5: "Batista electrifies in Bushwick." Experience his fearlessness as Stupe. A gritty, apocalyptic thriller not to be missed.

6: "Action meets heart in Stuber." Batista's comedic chops shine as Vic Manning. A fun-filled ride with loads of laughs.

7: "Escape Plan 2 showcases Batista's toughness." Join him as Trent DeRosa, breaking barriers. A must-see for adrenaline junkies.

8: "Hotel Artemis unveils Batista's intense side." Playing Everest, he delivers relentless action. A crime thriller that's impossible to resist.

9: "In My Spy, Batista conquers new genres." As JJ, he blends humor and ass-kicking skills. A family-friendly adventure with a twist.